Sunday, 6 March 2016

Group G

Project Title: The Investigation on the factors affecting the power output of a miniature wind-mill.


Bek Jun Bervin (10)
Edison Lin Yu Shan (17)
Thng Aik Kiat (23)

Big Ideas:
  • How do wind turbines deliver electrical energy?
As the wind passess through the vanes of the wind turbine motor, electrical energy is produced when the kinetic energy of the moving wind is converted to electrical energy in the power generator. The generator will use the wind energy to rotate the rotor which has oppositely charged magnets and is surrounded by copper wire loops. Electromagnetic induction is created by the rotor spinning around the inside of the core, generating electricity.
  • Is there a best design for wind turbines?
We have yet to find out, in the voyage of our great experiment. The best design for wind turbines are infinite and it also depends on various conditions such as the surrounding and the amount and speed of the wind.
  • Is there a best location for wind turbines?
A large, flat plot of land, with no high rise buildings lest they result in wind obstruction. Also in countries such as Brazil in South America where wind energy is greatly harvested due to the large presence of strong winds.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of wind turbines?
Pros - Wind energy is used as a green energy source and does not cause pollution other than the building of the wind turbines itself. The potential of wind power is enormous – 20 times more than what the entire human population needs. Wind power is able to be renew and we cannot run out of it (since wind energy originates from the sun since in the day, the uneven heating of the ground creates a conduction cycle causing the ground to be heated and the air above the ground to gain heat quicker thus, causing the hot air to rise and the cold air to sink hence, wind is formed). Wind turbines are incredibly space-efficient because wind turbines are built upwards and thus the efficient and productive use of space.
Cons - It is far more expensive to make wind-sourced electricity than electricity that are from convenient sources. This means that wind power needs to be lesser and , that are in the f preferential feed-in tariffs.Wind farms also require a large flat plot of land excluding buildings and houses, lest they cause for obstruction for the Wind’s motion.As such, forests or other entities must be cleared for a wind farm to be created.
Wind power is intermittent because winds are unpredictable and uncontrollable. This may result in large swings in output and even shutdowns. However, grid operators are used to dealing with the problem of intermittence, which is also an issue with other sources of energy, like solar. It is estimated that a large-scale grid can integrate a wind energy penetration rate of 20% without experiencing major technical problems.
Every year, wind turbines cause the death of 214,000 and 368,000 birds annually. Due to the wind tunnel created by the wind turbine causing the wind in front of the wind turbine to move backwards into the wind turbine and out through the back of the wind turbine, when it spins at high speeds, it causes anything that is in front of it to be sucked in towards the wind turbine and later, causing the birds to be sliced by the wind turbine blades. Such incidences also affect the wind turbines and affect their state of functionality.
  • Is there a future for more wind farms?
Technological advancements and supportive policy measures have the ability to dramatically increase the future of wind energy development in the world. Wind power has the unique ability to provide even greater sources of distributed energy production, which means less risk and a stronger energy portfolio. There may also be a demand for wind farms and also other renewable sources of energy because the non-renewable sources of energy are going to run out since they are non-renewable and causing an urgent dependence for renewable sources to help generate electricity which is a main need for modern day society otherwise, causing a major disaster that may affect the world because humans rely a lot on electrical appliances

Research Methods
1.1 Definition
Finding reliable information from reliable sources that are approved of.
1.2 Components of the Scientific Method.
The Research for reliable information,, Hypothesis, Accuracy and data collections.
1.3 Examples of scientific discoveries.
The data collection(What was the final conclusion?); Theories learnt.
1.4 Types of Research:
Finding out the necessary characteristics a vane should  have in order to conduct the most wind force.

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