5. Conclusion

5. Conclusion

5.1 Practical Applications

This could apply to the real world by improving the current blades of windmills, in order for a more powerful power output generated by the wind turbine motor. In countries such as The Netherlands, the wind direction does not change throughout the year. Thus, the wind turbine can be made using firm metals to hold the wind turbine blades to face the direction of the wind.

However, the wind turbine can not only be used for a large scale application but also can be used as a small device. The joint below the wind turbine motor is rotatable to adapt and match the wind directions. The uses of the smaller wind turbine can be used to power smaller electrical appliances such as torchlights, cell phones and computers when there are no sources of charging our electrical appliances such as in the public.   

The wind turbine generates electricity when the gears are turned when energy is converted from the kinetic energy of the wind to the kinetic spinning wind turbine. The generator which is connected to the gears, will spin and cause electricity to be generated.  

Moving air pushes against the blades of the turbine, making them rotate. In the process, some of the kinetic energy of the moving air is transformed into the mechanical (rotational kinetic) energy of the spinning blades. The wind still has some kinetic energy as it flows away from the turbine. (STELR-ATSE, 2016)

5.2 Areas for further study

The study of better ways to improve the generating of electricity in the windmill by using other methods of generating electricity.

Fig 1: A curved blade design

Fig 2: A curved blade side view model

The design of the blades can also be an area of further study as the various curves of the blades may have a different effect as compared to a blade that is flat. The design may also have a different surface area facing the wind. For an instance, the curved blade would have part of the it curving backwards whereas the flat blade has its full surface area exposed in contact to the wind and may create a different wind vertex.

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