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Project Title: The Investigation on the factors affecting the power output of a miniature wind-mill.


Windmills play a crucial role in many countries that are dependent on the windmills for a sources of energy. The aim of this experiment is to investigate the best factors of the blades of a windmill that will have an effect on the amount of power output generated by the motor of the windmill. We will investigate on 4 factors of the blades of a windmill which will be the wind speed, number of vanes, angle of the vanes and the length which will be tested using the STELR wind turbine kit which will be modified to suit our experiment accordingly. We will collect our results through an ammeter which is connected to the wind turbine motor and find out the average power output which will be measured in the unit mA (milliampere). Our results showed that for the first test of Wind speed, a medium wind speed would produce the most power output. For the second test, 6 blades will have the most power output of a windmill and its performance. The third test which is on the angle of the blades, it was shown that the 45ยบ angle of the blade have the most power output. For the fourth test, ideal length for a Windmill would be a medium length and an area of 20cm^2. Our experiment is useful in the science and physics of wind energy, changing the future blades of static wind turbines like those in Netherlands used to generate electricity in environmentally friendly ways, and we can and will make them better and more efficient, as well as on the smaller scale, mobile wind turbines which are portable and can help reduce pollution, making the utilisation of wind energy and making it fully recognised by the public as a better example in generating electricity.

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